Thank you to everyone who has written in with updates about how they’re doing on their pledges.  Caroline in California wrote:

  • I suggested that our Gospel Principles 2 class discuss race and Mormonism, using the Race and the Priesthood essay as our text. The teacher agreed. We had a great discussion about the racist justifications for the ban and about how this essay shows a shift away from justifying the ban as God’s will — rather it implies that the ban was a product of its racist times. We also focused on the clear refutation of early racist statements by church leaders.

  • I suggested to our bishopric that we should spend every Sacrament Meeting in February (Black History Month) discussing black Mormons like Jane Manning James, Elijah Able, etc. and discussing the importance of anti-racism. That suggestion was shot down, but they did agree to spend about 5 weeks on the topic of “All Are Alike Unto God.” So we did get some talks and statements about anti-racism over the pulpit.

  • I’ve emailed our bishopric about having a youth fireside in which they watch Nobody Knows and then have a discussion about the film. I haven’t heard back about that one yet, but I’m hopeful.

Thanks, Caroline!    If everyone takes steps like these, we can help move important conversations forward. Even when suggestions get “shot down,” change can happen.

How is your pledge going?  Share your experiences by emailing  And take a minute to share the pledge with a few friends.