“Shoulder to the Wheel:  Resources for Ending Racism and White Supremacy”


This seventeen-page downloadable booklet offers scriptures, words from LDS Church leaders, historical information, and practical steps for ending racism from a Latter-day Saint perspective. It was developed by a team of LDS scholars.  Click “download” in the counter button below to download your copy:  


A Discussion Guide for Viewing Nobody Knows: The History of Black Mormons with friends and family

Order the film from Deseret Book or find it on BYUgle, Brigham Young University’s video archive available to students and employees.  This guide offers questions to discuss after you view.  

A Family Home Evening Lesson on Anti-Racist “Upstanding”

Pledge to honor the 40th anniversary of OD2 by holding a Family Home Evening on anti-racism, and use this lesson guide developed from scriptures and LDS Church sources.

Essential articles on the history of the 1978 revelation

This article by President Kimball’s son Edward Kimball, who was a professor of law at BYU, was published in BYU Studies.  It gives a very detailed, personal look at the process that led President Kimball to seek revelation.  A must read.  

This article by Armand Mauss, an LDS scholar, gives a detailed historical look at the events that shaped the end of the ban from the time of President David O. McKay forward. 

Resources for teaching and studying Gospel Doctrine lesson 5 (January 2018)

This guide offers helps for teachers and students striving to understand the story of Cain and Abel and how it has been used in LDS history to justify the priesthood and temple ban. Materials referenced in the guide are drawn from LDS Church-published and scholarly resources.

Resources for teaching and studying Gospel Doctrine lesson 42 (November 2017) 

This two-page guide offers helps for teachers and students for teaching Official Declaration 2.  Materials referenced in the guide are drawn from LDS Church-published resources. 

“We Will Not Be Silent” (August 2017 commentary) 

“We Will Not Be Silent: Putting Our Shoulders to the Wheel to End Racism and White Supremacy in Mormonism” appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on August 17, 2017, co-signed by more than 350 supporters of this project.  Click to read here.

“All Hands on Deck to End Racism” (August 2017 commentary)

This article by Melissa Inouye appeared in Meridian Magazine on August 29, 2017.  Share with friends and family as an introduction to how LDS people can reflect and act to end racism.

“My Testimony, and My Test” (August 2017 video)

Zandra Vranes shares her experience of racism in LDS settings. Watch here; transcript here.


“Speaking to the Pain of a Black Mormon Woman” (August 2017 article)

 Zandra Vranes shares her experience in the Deseret News.  Read and share.