More than 40 BYU students, faculty, and members of their families walked in the BYU Homecoming parade Saturday morning to spread the word about “Shoulder to the Wheel” and encourage LDS people to pledge to end racism and white supremacy.

Their signs read “There is no Zion without diversity,” “End racial prejudice. Period,” and “Love one another,” and quoted Elder Jeffrey Holland on the need to end racial folklore about “fence sitters” and the “curse of Cain.”

Some like Professor Ramona Cutri carried quotes from and pictures of historic Black LDS leaders like Jane Manning James:

They passed out 1000+ leaflets encouraging parade watchers to do their part to end racism and pledge:

And they received the “Moroni Award” for best LDS entry.

Thank you to Professor Rebecca de Schweinitz for her organizational efforts!

Please share these uplifting photos with your friends and family and encourage them to pledge to take action today, by clicking here.